Saturday, September 26, 2009

another happy ending another beginning


how are you? i'm fine thank you. long time no blog haha i miss you my dear one and only blog. too much to tell. okay first, i'm addicted to charm bracelet! especially Juicy Couture's and Thomas Sabo's. sadly, when i went to Juicy Couture Plaza Indonesia, the charm bracelet that i have always wanted is SOLD OUT! oh shit. if someone give me that charm bracelet ohmygod i could faint haha okay, now enjoy some pictures!

well, i also love this Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. aaah too good to be true. real masterpiece hahaha
so cool right? the second is, i'm loving Kate Spade at the moment. From DKNY to Kate Spade. My sister and i bought this slipper from Kate Spade

i love it. and it doesn't cost much. and i'm in love with these kate spade's idiom bangles

aaah adorable right? and ohmygoodgod i'm too in love with this Kate Spade's Charm Bracelet!!

okay lemme see first is charm bracelet second is kate spade now the third is i prefer twitter than facebook. well yeah, from now on i'll be a lot more active with my twitter acc than my facebook acc. haha follow me ppl! search for : medhaaa from your twitter acc or just click here!

the fourth is, i'm saving my money at the moment. because i don't want to spend a lot of money here in Indonesia before i'm off to Singapore. of course there are some obstacles. like when i went to Harvey Nichols Grand Indonesia with my sister. we saw this adorable Cheap Monday's jeans that cost about Rp 675,000.00! ohmygod it fits me perfectly but i bear myself to not to buy it. but, i promise myself to buy that jeans someday hahaha

last but not least, i'm tired. haha okay so love y'all as always


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