Sunday, May 15, 2011

Always have, always will.

It's Sunday Morning and we we we so excited!

Well, not so excited actually. Final Tests are coming and that means I'm not going to be with my classmates anymore. Also I really don't know whether to choose Science or Social Studies as my major. Yeah, life's good.

I started this blog to get scores from my IT teacher when I was an 8th grader. or is it 9th? I kinda forgot. I gotta thank him for introducing me to this world. However, I got this same problem every year. This feeling of sadness when you're about to leave your one-year class. Leaving 9E is hard, really hard, but leaving XC is harder. I've been through the worst with XC, believe me when I said the worst, and the best with XC.

Hmm how do I begin.. It consist of 36 students, 14 girls and 22 boys. I memorize it pretty well because it sounds like KFC hotline (14022) just as Dio told me. Imandio Wicaksono or Dio is the chairman of our class, and Talitha Medha Anindya or Medha or myself is the vice chairman. The secretaries are Raihana Putri Hutami or Hana and Farah Rizky Ariyana or Farah. The class treasurer is Arie Firdha Amalia or Arie. And the securities are Teuku Muhammad Kemal Isfan or Kemal, Nayaka Angger Pradiptasiddhi or Dipta a.k.a Angger, and Muhammad Panji Wiratama Nasir or Panji also Dwangga Rizky Nugraha or Dweng. Our homeroom teacher is Ms Iin Mutmainnah. And the best thing about XC is Arsya Pratama of course. And losing him is the worst that ever happened to me. To us.

We dedicated our drama musical "Gita Cinta Dari SMA" to him. It was based on an old movie that known as Galih dan Ratna.
Okay so why the sudden musical drama? It was an assignment from our music teacher to all of 10th grader. So XC decided to dedicate our class musical drama to Arsya :)

It was held in Aula AB, Saturday May 14th 2011. It was awesome! Eventhough we faced several problems but it went pretty smooth. At the end of the drama, without preparation, we sung the song that Dipta created for Arsya. So sorry that we made some people cried. But we cried too.

The story itself revolves around Galih, potrayed by Dipta and Ratna, potrayed by Farah. Me, myself, is the director, and narrator. Well, also as actress but not the main one. Here's the list of the characters:

Ratna Ariyana - Farah Rizky Ariyana
Galih - Nayaka Angger Pradiptasiddhi
Ratih - Ratih Ayuningtyas
Andre - Diadre Dachiviant Sindudipoera
Angga - Dwangga Rizky Nugraha
Nabila - Nabila Putri Utami
Ratna's dad - Muhammad Panji Wiratama Nasir
Homeroom Teacher - Kanya Chatra
Music Teacher - Citra Ermas Victoria
Teacher - Zahratul Amanah
Stewardess - Nabila Nurharini
Friends - Rizka Khairunnisa, Puti Nabila, Farah El Qadriani, Intan Khalida Lukman
Classmates - XC
Trees and Bushes - Imandio Wicaksono, Muhammad Irfan Hakim, Raihana Putri Hutami, Rinaldi Andrian

Gita Cinta Dari SMA: a total success!

I will surely miss my freak and unnamed class. Speaking of unnamed, most of the class has a name like XA is Homo Xapiens and so on. But my class still can't decide the right name for our class. There are so many names such as XCempak (XC Kompak), XCalibur (XC suka libur), XClusive, SeXClub (Semua XC lugu dan bersahaja), XCretion, etc. I don't remember all the acronyms and the abbreviations correctly because there were sooo many names.

But, still, XC is a part of me now. Like Dipta said, there will be no farewell for XC. You might be confused why we don't want to make a farewell for such a class, it's because there is no farewell but go out together. XC don't do separate. We don't end.

I love XC. Always have, always will.


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