Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mid-test is coming ugh

heeeeeeey you

this is my first full-english post so pardon my grammar hehe i was so bored and then i had an idea! to make a full-english post! i know my grammar is soooo bad hehe :p ohyea, about the title. mid-test is coming! aaaaah i hate it. i have to study and study and study until my head explode. a lil bit over haha okay let's change the topic!

i want to tell you about my weird monday, tuesday, and wednesday! okay my best class ever (8D) is really crazy but fun! like today my weird-genious-stealer-friend, Nadia was spreading an india-chinese-virus! okay what is an india-chinese-virus? it's a dangerous virus that attack innocent people! still confused? let me explain. Nadia suddenly came to me and then she asked me "med do you watch india movies?" and i was like "wtf nad! why on earth did you ask me that?" and then she was just laughing but she wouldn't stop. she asked me until i answered. well it looked like i had no choice. so i told her "well to be honest, when i was still a lil child i like to watch that india movies with my maid or auntie" and then she said " I KNEW IT! me too my maid was so tricky you know!" so she asked Reza, Pandu, Anand, Risyad the same question. well, the answer was the same as mine. they used to watch that movies. but then Nadia saying some india-movie title that i had no idea what that was! she asked so many people and they were like "NADIA WTF NAD!"(with their "are you kidding me?" look) but she hasn't given up yet! suddenly, Anand came to us from nowhere haha so Nadia asked him. and guess what! he knew exatcly all the movies that Nadia said! for a moment i thought they were made for each other HA-HA-HA okay carry on, so they were talking about something that made me, Reza, and Pandu frightened. so Nadia changed the subject, now she asked me "med, do you prefer india or chinese movies?" ookay i was shock for a moment. i thought that she would change the subject to a normal one but then i remembered it was Nadia that i was talking about so well yeah what-so-ever. i answered the question, i said "well it depends nad." but she wasn't satisfied with my answer so she asked other people. she asked Reza our arab-india-french(?!, still questioned)-friend and then Reza said "i prefer the chinese." what the hell was going on? Anand the chinese one likes the india better but Reza the india-arab one likes the chinese better. okay this conversation is going crazier. so let's skip that! ohyea Reza is baaaack! btw, he's so cruel hahaha you know i hate this girl and i told Reza about it and then he saying cruel(but funny) jokes about her and all i can do is laughing ha-ha okay move on, today i was having ICT test, Biology test and Art test. what a day what a day. hmm let's see what else happened today? hmm ohyea! me, Nadia, and Wina done something not-so-bad actually. well i'm too shy to wrote it hee-hee move on, i was chatting with Tsammy, Faris, and Karel this evening. we were chatting about that bitch you know p2. haha i know you must be bored but she's so annoying and i can't stop talking about her :] then just a moment ago i was chatting with Nadia and ask her for some good advice but she's such a satan hahaha she's giving me a satan advice but then she said "i'm kidding" okay she's weird today. like when i was eating my lunch with Nadia and Wina. "med, win, why girls likes sweets?" we said that we don't know. and then she answer her own question. "beacuse we're sweet!" i was shock and almost throw up. okay she's getting crazier and crazier. i think that's enough for Wednesday!

Let's talk about Monday! you know i hate monday so much but this monday is so different. i like it! this monday so peaceful but fun and the best news is Reza suspended! hahaha. well, in the morning, we had a ceremony and ohmygod it was sooooooooo hot out there! after that we go back to class. 8D's first subject is Sport so we're change our usual monday uniform to our sport uniform. after that we go to the field. blah and blah we go to the second lesson which is indonesian language. blah blah blah and blah! and then the bell is ringing! yeay! what time is it? it's recess time! okay lalala lilili we go to the third lesson which is counseling all the students were talking to their friend and then Nadia, Wina, Ollie, Rena got to skip some class because they have something to do. okay so i'll be with Sarah but, bad news for Sarah! i got to go too because of the school organization i'm so sorry sar that i left you alone :] okay so i got back to class the same time as Nadia, Wina, Ollie, and Rena. okay Sarah was a lil bit mad at me hehehe okay so the bell is ringing yeay! the school is finally over! after that, me, Nadia and Bella was talking for a while. then, i go to 8F to see Tsammy and the others. But Tsammy's not there. she's already gone but it's okay. so i'm talking with Chika, Nabila, and Nasha. sometimes Angga came in and disturb us haha when we think it's already afternoon we walk out. after thinking for a while, Chika and Nabila decided to come home with me. yeay! so we walk to my car and ask for my mom's permission. after that we're all sitting in my car and enjoying the journey hahaha it's our bad day we stuck in lots of fucking traffic jam! we were so hungry and Chika is going crrrrazy! hahaha when we reach Kampung Melayu, Chika left us and we said "dadah" to her after that we continued our journey hee-hee. me and Nabila had nothing to do and we were bored so then we're playing truth or dare! while we're playing that game we also do some pranks with the help of my mother hahaha we woke a taxi driver that fell asleep next to our car :p and we're laughing so hard. suddenly Nabila had her karma! she's sleepy and fell asleep to hahaha after about almost 5 hours in traffic jam we finally got through it! when we reach McDonald near my home, i tell Nabila. after that me and my mom saying "dadah" to Nabila and we got home nearly 10 PM wtf. and then i got sick hahaha let's continue this story to the next day

okay now let's talking about Tuesdaay! okay i'm sick today. my mom said that i shouldn't go to school. so HELL YEAH! hahaha at the time i was texting Nabila, Pandu, Nadia, and Wina i told them that i can't go to school because i was sick. and then Pandu text me that i'll regret and he told me that a lot happens today! ugh i hate him but not just that TODAY IS SARAH'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! AND RANDY'S BIRTHDAY TOO aaaah i missed Sarah's surprise :( haha and Sarah hates me because of me she has to be alone again today hehehe i'm so sorry sar. and Pandu got a new haircut! and i don't know why he reminds me of Reza wakakak and Nadia-Raisa got a lot of juicy gossips okay i really need a time-machine this day hahaha

okay i think that's enough, enjoy it or not just comment! hahhaaha btw Congratulation to Faris-Ashfira Vj-Wawan and Chikita-Kevin hope you all guys having a long-term relationship kisses and hugs! :] okay so see you soon, maybe in my next post i won't write a full-english post again. haha byebye

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Nadia said...

Good Job. Good Job. Hidup lo drama bgt sih Medh, kalau capek mendingan bace blog gue! Gak deng, promosi tai. Sabar ya medh sm ttg si....

Medha said...

hahah makasih grammar gua gila gilaan ya? emang nih nad p2 menghancurkan hidup gue (lebay) dasar lo mencari kesempatan

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